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    Custom Class Information



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    Custom Class Information

    Post by NoNAme on Wed 23 Sep 2015, 2:29 am

    Custom Class Information

    Welcome! This thread will explain what they are and how to obtain them.

    You can make your own, or you can purchase a slot into someone else's class by contacting the owner.

    Prices indicated with a $ means that the item must be purchased via a direct PayPal donation.
    Prices indicated with a RP may be purchased with RP money. (EX. $10 = 10,000,000 RP $25 = 25,000,000 RP)

    To inquire about any private class related purchases, please contact the owner directly: NoNAme

    Custom Class Base
    $75 for a class with a name of your choosing, a color of your choosing, and a default model of your choosing
    To find the color you want, find the RGB code in this format (R, G, B) or (255, 0, 54) as an example
    To find the default model you want, look here: Image 1 Image 2

    $20 per slot up until slot #10
    $40 per slot up until slot #20
    $60 per slot thereafter
    Owners can charge more than the base price per slot and keep the profits.
    Note: Slot count will stop at 20, but more than 20 people may be on a class.

    Custom Model
    $50 - Custom model from the Steam Workshop.
    $75 - Extra custom model (max of 2)
    $10 - Extra default model onto class
    Must be less than 6 megabytes and cannot give a game-play advantage or be obscure.
    Note: If you no longer want your custom model, you can change it for $40.

    Owner Swap
    $40 - Change ownership of a class.
    The new owner can choose a new name, color, and default model.
    Keep in mind, if the original owner charges back his payment for the class, your class will be removed.
    Note: The old owner does not keep his slot in the class.

    F4 Menu Items
    All Printers - $15 - Receive access to all of the money printers through the F4 menu.
    Weapon Spawn - $5 - Add a weapon to your buy menu.
    Weapon Spawn Pack - $40 - Add 10 weapons to your buy menu.
    Item Spawn - $5 - Add an item to your buy menu.
    Item Spawn Pack - $40 - Add 10 items to your buy menu.
    HP and Armor Chargers - $20 - Add HP / Armor Chargers.

    Weapon Spawns
    Machete - $100 - You spawn with a rare machete.
    Knife - $100 - You spawn with a rare knife.
    M9k Machine Gun Spawn - $20 - Spawn with a LMG / M249 of your choice.
    M9k Sniper Spawn - $15 - Spawn with a Sniper of your choice.
    M9k Shotgun Spawn - $15 - Spawn with a Shotgun of your choice.
    M9k Assult Rifle Spawn - $10 - Spawn with an Assult Rifle of your choice.
    M9k Sub Machine Gun Spawn - $15 - Spawn with a SMG of your choice.
    M9k Pistol Spawn - $5 - Spawn with a Pistol of your choice.

    Item Spawns
    Lockpick - $5 - Spawn with lockpick.
    Keypad Cracker - $10 - Spawn with keypad cracker.
    Stunstick - $5 - Spawn with a stunstick.
    Unarrest Stick - $5 - Spawn with an unarrest stick.

    Disclaimer: All purchase are final. You cannot make adjustments, as in, you can't purchase an AK47 and then decide to change the weapon to an M4. Any adjustments as such are to the discretion of the person editing your class (be it NoNAme).

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